“If We Can Reconnect Over a Meal…”

“Then we will be okay.”

Words I mentioned to Claire a little over a week ago as we were feeling the weight and anxiety over our rapidly approaching move to Wyoming in the middle of July.

(Little side note in case you have not heard: Claire and I are moving to Evanston, Wyoming for Claire to complete her internship in clinical psychology for her doctoral program.)

There is so much uncertainty regarding this move currently. Where will we live? Where will I work? Will I even be able to find a job that I enjoy? Will we be able to find a church community that we love? Will we make new friends? How will our cat handle the move? Will we be able to fit everything into the truck we rented? How do we even begin to say good-bye to the people we so dearly love and care about here in Southern California?

The move to Wyoming is a huge transition for us. We are leaving all that is comfortable and familiar for a place that at the present feels so distant, unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

Please do not misunderstand me, both Claire and I are also very excited about the upcoming move and adventure, but on this night as we sat over a plate of homemade mushroom raviolis with asparagus and peas, enjoying a bottle of Pinot Noir, we both felt very overwhelmed and afraid of this move.

In the midst of the anxiety, Jesus in his gentleness reminded me of a simple truth, a truth that we both needed reminding of that night.

As long as Claire and I can continue to sit down together and share meals, enjoying the beauty of food and wine, and more importantly bread broken together, we will be more than okay; we shall thrive. No one except Claire or I can prevent us from slowing down and sharing in our love together over a meal. What’s more is that we don’t need much in order to do this. A shared meal can take place in the tiniest of apartments to the grandest of homes. A shared meal can be sacred whether we are eating canned tuna and Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese or we are eating caviar.

Claire and I do not travel alone; we travel together and with the Triune God who will see us and love us through this gigantic next step.


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