Caring for the Sick Through Food and Prayer

One Evangelical tradition that I saw practiced and continue to see practiced is caring for the sick, especially through meals. I saw my mom cook many meals throughout my childhood, and my family was the recipient of meals at points. I know that I give a lot of grief to Evangelicalism, but this is one area where I am happy about our traditions.

But up until today I had never actually prepared a meal for a family in need.

Tomorrow, Christy is going to have surgery at Loma Linda. Claire and I know Christy, Peter, her husband, and their two adorable little boys, Aiden and Jacob through Restoration Covenant Church, but more intimately through our small group. It has been a privilege and honor to get to know them and to hear their stories. Christy has already battled cancer, and is now dealing with more health issues.

So when I learned that the church was organizing meals for the family, I jumped at the chance to participate. It is, after all, the least I can do.

Today as I prepared the meal, I could not help but have my heart and soul pray for this dear family. Standing over the pot of beef stew and rolling out fresh bread became a time of prayer consciously and subconsciously for them.

The experience was unexpected and caught me a little by surprise. But my heart and soul loved the chance to be in thought and prayer. I made extra, so that Claire and I could have something to eat as well, and I am going to bet that when we enjoy the stew, we will also remember Christy and her family.

I wonder if this is the experience of others. If you have had similar experiences, I would love to hear them. And if you have never prepared a meal for another family in need, I challenge you to do it and use it as a time to love and pray on brothers and sisters.

If you remember, pray for Christy tomorrow as she has her surgery.

A little aside: the organizer of the meals used to set up the meals. It is a great website in which all of the information is right there and the participants can state what type of meal they are brining so that there are not duplicates. Plus the website allows the recipients to list allergies, likes and dislikes. I highly recommend it.


2 thoughts on “Caring for the Sick Through Food and Prayer

  1. My experience in preparing food for others has been the same. I’ve found great joy in carefully selecting BBQ elements that form the best meal meal for those family we are helping, and have found myself praying for them during all phases of the preparation – from shopping to delivery.

  2. I had a similar experience making my first meal for friends after their child was born… it was a personal time of celebration and joy preparing a meal for them…!
    Similarly, preparing a dish for a friend who’s family member had died was a very soulful experience. Instead of making a dish from my personal “recipe rotation” I made his mother’s recipe for him… It was a very moving experience.

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