Summer Prayer

Summer season kicks off today at Forest Home Family Camp, where I work, which means for the next nine weeks, literally thousands of people ranging from babies to grandparents will make their way up the mountain to spend a week at camp. One of the traditions of Forest Home is to have an all staff commissioning service on the Friday before summer season starts. During the service, I was given time to reflect and pray to the Triune God what he might have for me and others this summer.

As I prayed and asked God what he might have for me, the image I kept receiving was the picture of Rublev’s icon of the Trinity in the midst of Lakeview Kitchen, which I am manager of. This image kept bringing me back to the idea of perichoresis, which I discussed in my reflections on the first chapter of Food & Faith by Dr. Norman Wirzba.

My prayer and my desire for this summer is to make room for others as I lead. To allow my coworkers to flourish. To teach and to empower them so that they can lead the meal and not rely on me. I told one of my coworkers, who will be working closely with me this summer, that by the end of the summer I want to be able to wash dishes and to have him and the person scheduled as the dishwasher to run the meal.

This idea is so challenging to me because I am a slight perfectionist when it comes to cooking. I like the meal to turn out how I want, and so in wanting to live and love as the Trinity lives and loves, I must surrender this. I will have to be okay with my coworkers failing. I will have to be okay with taking the blame when that happens. But I also know that if over the course of the next nine weeks, I can begin to internalize this and partially live this out, this summer will be good, not because of the food we made, but because we impacted and challenged each other to live and to become the people who have room to allow others to be more fully themselves.

It is easy to write this today before summer has officially begun, but it will be another thing to live this out for the next nine weeks. But I hope that in writing this prayer I will hold myself accountable before God and others to make this a discipline for the summer. Therefore, if you read this, I ask that you simply encourage me to live this way. I will do the same for you.


2 thoughts on “Summer Prayer

  1. How beautiful of you to post this today, which is Trinity Sunday in the Anglican church calendar. A lovely meditation on the Trinity and how we are called to express God’s love in our lives.

  2. So appreciated your reflections on your summer.I loved the paintings as well. What an opportunity you have to express the love and servanthood of Christ…reminds me of bro Lawrence…gee, I wonder what ways the Lord will ”show-up” for you…blessings

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