More Lessons from Fruit Trees

Anyone who has lived in Southern California knows that with the Fall comes Santa Ana winds—dry, warm and powerful gusts. A week or so ago, we had a few nights where the wind was just howling. Online, weather websites were saying that gusts were around 50 miles per hour, although listening to the gusts rattle our windows and trees, I might be inclined to say that the gusts were more powerful than 50 miles per hour.

Waking up the next morning, I was anxious to see how our fruit trees had fared through the night. I was more than a little worried that I would discover unripened lemons and oranges laying on our lawn. Months of anticipating fresh lemons and oranges would be all for naught because of a couple nights of strong wind.

But what I actually found surprised me.

Not one piece of fruit had fallen. All of the lemons and oranges were still there. However, our tangelo tree still has some over-ripe/dead fruit on it, and those were actually blown off. But again, none of the still-ripening lemons and oranges.

The week that followed was a rough week for me, especially at work, where some less than ideal circumstances had left me questioning a lot. At one point, while I was driving to or from work, I asked Jesus, “Are you holding me during this time?” Shortly thereafter, I found myself meditating on the fruit trees and the wind.

As I mentioned in a previous post about fruit trees, I feel like I am in a stage or ripening/waiting. It is not easy. It can be quite painful and frustrating. But if Jesus is the True Vine to which I am attached, I can be confident that Jesus has a firm enough grasp on me so that I will not be thrown away during the “wind-gusts” of life.

What is even more amazing is that Jesus will never let me go. There will be periods where pruning and trimming are needed, but He will never discard me.

Even as I write this, I feel my heart questioning the truth of the above. The truth of Jesus’ love and care for me takes a while to reach into the depths of my heart…just as fruit does not ripen over night.

“Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.”

PS – As you can see from the pictures, our lemons are almost ready. I actually picked the first five yesterday!


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